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Josefův Důl:
Directly in Josefův Důl, you find several slopes for downhill skiing. The main one is Ski Lucifer, a pleasant smaller resort on the sunny side of the valley, which offer the main slop Lucifer (500m), and a small children slope Lucifer (110m), on top of the hill there is another children slope Peklo (210m). A skiing school with instructors ist available and a small refreshment restaurant "u vleku".

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Another skiing resort is to be found in Josefův Důl called Bukovka, which provides good skiing conditions and has the second largest piste in the Jizerský area. It also offers night skiing. No technical snow possibility. 

Albrechtice v Jizerských horách:
the main skiing resort in the area is located 7 km from our hotel and called Tanvaldský špičák.
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At this stage there are more than 170km of tracks available for cross-country skiing enthusiasts in  the Jizerska region. The closes starting point from our Hotel to the well know Jizerská Magistrála ist approx. 900m from our hotel up the hill. With a short car ride, you access different starting points without the neccessity of walking up-hill.  
Our area hosts the world famous competition in cross-country skiing call the Jizerská 50, and takes place each year in January and the first run is dated back to 1968. We have accomodated many world famous competitors in our hotel due to this occasion and are glad to be able to offer them the comfort they need.

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